Advertising solutions

Channel Zero Digital’s approach is to offer advertisers unique solutions beyond the banner. By providing a portfolio of high quality and curated properties in the entertainment, news and music verticals, Channel Zero Digital can deliver both scale and a conversation with hard to reach consumers. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, and find out how we can make your brand stand out.

Our Current Offerings

  • • Pre/Mid-roll video sponsorship
  • • Content integration/sponsorships
  • • Display
  • • Site Takeovers
  • • Advertorials

In 2012, Toshiba had a new line of laptops targeting the university market, but wanted to make their product line standout through content integration and music. By producing the “Track It Yourself” series, Toshiba had an environment to engage the audience through meaningful content that truly spoke to the audience, while still demonstrating the merits of the Toshiba brand.

For all inquiries:
Robert Ostfield
(416) 300-7904