Channel Zero supports experiential learning as an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills through hands-on experiences and is pleased to offer a limited number of opportunities for Job Shadowing, Cooperative Education (Secondary school credit based ‘co-op’ programs) and Internships (recognized post-secondary programs).


Students interested in completing their placement hours with Channel Zero should send their résumé along with a cover letter listing their school, program of study and program requirements to


All opportunities are screened to ensure they provide real work experience in a safe learning environment free from discrimination and harassment, following safe practices and supervised learning experiences.


A Ministry of Education Work Education Agreement form must be completed and signed by all parties prior to student placement. As students are not employed by Channel Zero, this form is required to ensure the students’ coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.  Students do not receive hourly wages or a salary for their placement component hours. However, students involved in identified field placements may receive an honorarium, expense and/or transportation allowance.


Other approved internship programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  However, individuals looking for work experience outside of recognized school co-op and internship programs should apply to our paid part-time and/or contract opportunities posted on our careers page.