Greg O’Brien

Greg O’Brien brings over 30 years of journalism experience to his role as News Director of Channel Zero and CHCH TV. Within those 30 years, 24 have been immersed in the Canadian cable, radio, television, and telecom sectors. At CHCH, he provides ongoing leadership of the region’s most-watched television product, leading the on-air activity of CHCH’s newsroom, and will also be responsible for developing new content streams and focusing on digital audience development for Channel Zero.
O’Brien launched in May 2005, a digital outlet that quickly became a news leader for the Canadian media industry. offers needed intelligence geared specifically towards the men and women working in the intertwined industries of cable, radio, television, and telecom in Canada.
A Hamiltonian since 1994, Greg has always admired the tenacious, creative, vibe of the city and has enjoyed exploring Burlington, Oakville, St Catharines, Niagara, Brantford and the surrounding regions.